To the right is the view of a standard bar hire capable of serving up to 120 people. The stainless steel bar is always a hit but with the new branding magnets the black bars have got a new sophisticated look.

The back of the bars is designed to make the serving quick and friendly, the bar accessories are supplied with the unit, this mean that the barmen have everything they need to make your selection of cocktails.

Here you can see that the bars are easily arranged to serve large parties, we are currently capable of serving up to 2000 but we have already started expanding the size of our fleet in anticipation for the approaching busy season.

Never again will you have to put up with the unsightly trestle table bar and the disgusting leaky galvanized baths that go with them. With The Beverage Brothers system you bar is neat and tidy from the beginning of the function to the end. We hope that our equipment and experience can make your future functions world class events.

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