Banqueting Trolleys

These are our new range of banqueting trolleys. Left most picture shows the bottle rack on top with inserts for tot measure drip trays. The design allows for more than one barman.

The middle picture shows the support trolley which allows for extra storage for glasses as well as drinks. The top is a lockable stainless steel box were airway cans are put and the trolley sit behind the barmen for maximum service.

Large Portable Bar

This is a large portable unit, capable of holding 1000 cold beverages in plastic drinks trays. Includes stainless steel top and runners for drinks trays. Ice and bottle racks can be included. Wood finishes are an optional extra.

Key Benefits

- Relieves pressure from fixed services serving the Casino Floor.
- Greatly increases turnover by taking advantage of previously lost sales.
- Will be used during peak times and easily wheeled away to be restocked or put into storage during quiet times.
- The unit is extremely durable

Banqueting and Conference Centre - Sun City

Sun city is the largest conference facility in southern Africa and has recently been awarded a maximum 5 stars for the facility and service it offers. With the super bowl as one of their rooms they needed powerful portable bars to serve large crowds efficiently.

The custom made bars have been designed along with the venues management to fit in with their overall décor but to be one of the most robust designs we have ever put together.

Here you can see that the actual unit turned out better than the artist impressions. We were meticulous in the finish leaving no detail unchecked. This has become the expected level of workmanship at The Beverage Brothers.

The large casters that have become another trademark with our bars make them easy and light to move around, even when fully loaded. On the far side is a pic showing the stainless steel bumper bar that runs along the front and sides of the unit. Along with the stainless steel that covered the corners this bumper bar makes it very difficult to damage the wood panels in the unit.

The wood panels were however designed to be easily removed and replaced when they needed revamping or they wanted to change the colour.

The blurred picture is an attempt to show you the red cable light we installed to help the barmen working behind the bar if the room had to be dark on the night of a function. The unit was also fitted with a 10m extension cable and double adaptor for your till.

Crown Reef Conference Centre

The units were custom made to fit in with the décor at the convention centre. They can be used for coffee service, registration counters and of course as professional cocktail and normal bars.

On the left is a picture of the main bar unit with its removable ice-well and brass service level, besides that the unit is very similar to the ICC Durban bar. On the left is one of two support units. The support units were designed to hold glasses, rubbish bin and cash draw.

These units were supplied with heavy duty padded covers, the covers are used when the units are being moved around the conference centre and for them they are in storage to keep them in pristine condition

The Crown Reef Conference Centre can now offer a professional cocktail bar with flair barmen to entertain and delight their quests with their skills and tasty Cocktails anywhere in the conference centre.

This service is offered to all our cleints in the conference industry.

Large Versatile Conference Units - ICC Durban

This is the service side of the Bar when it is set up for full bar or cocktail service, on the far right you can see how the canned and bottled drinks are stored and locked away in the tout boxes. On the left the unit is shown when it is set up for coffee or juice service, the speed rail is removed and the ice-well is covered. On the right is a picture showing the lower and higher levels of the bar. This bar had a light fitted behind the front panel, the switch is shown in this pic.

The front panel of unit had the ICC Durban logo cut into it revealing the Blue powder-coated panel behind it. A light was placed behind the cut panel creating a light box to show off the logo. The unit has a wonderful finish giving the staff at the ICC Durban a huge sense of pride when a client approaches them for a drink. The management have a much easier job of restocking and maintaining standards of beverage service at the ICC Durban.

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